The Discovery Session

Discovering your best financial self

A 2-hour deep dive into what is…and what will be!

Couple receiving financial coaching


What will we do during the session?

The objectives of your Discovery Session include:

  • Gain clarity and control over your current situation
  • Examine your why you want to make change and develop goals based on that “why”
  • Refocus your money to ensure it is working towards your goals
  • Establish a firm foundation from which to build a solid plan
  • Develop prioritized action steps and provide you with the tools, systems and resources necessary to build and track your plan
  • Discuss how a coaching program can provide guidance and accountability as you implement your plan

You will leave your session knowing where you are, knowing where you want to be, and knowing how to get there.

What will my outcomes be?

Your results are entirely up to you, but past coaching clients who have put in focused effort have:

  • Reduced the stress and anxiety money causes in their lives
  • Written meaningful life goals (that may or may not be financially focused)
  • Created new habits with their money that focus on meeting their goals
  • Reduced or eliminated the weight of debt in their lives
  • Learned how to plan a month, three months, a year, or even years into the future
  • Improved communication with their spouse about money, reducing friction in their relationship
  • Increased their confidence in handling their finances

Although your plan will be simple and straight forward, working your plan will present you with many challenges and obstacles to overcome. If you need guidance or assistance after your Discovery Session, we’ll be here for you.


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Your Commitment: $199 and 2 hours

Make an investment in yourself that will truly last a lifetime.

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