Financial Coaching: We guide, you soar.

Storm Ziegler Financial Coach

Hi, I’m Storm.

(Yes, that is my real name.)

Financial Fitness was born from a passion to help people get over their financial roadblocks and see the kind of future that is possible for their families. After my wife and I struggled for years (mostly because of my bad choices), we discovered the way out. I can honestly tell you, “I’ve been there and can show you the way.” Credit cards, cars, student loans, houses…yeah, I’ve done that. But few things have been as empowering as climbing out of that $60,000 hole. If we can do it…YOU CAN TOO!

The world has not been kind to educators in recent years. Ever increasing workloads, loss of bargaining rights, wage increases that don’t even cover the rise in inflation, standardized testing, lack of support and respect from all sides, escalating student behaviors…the list goes on and on. I have watched educators like you shrug off all of these headwinds to make sure their students were challenged and supported. Now, I want to make sure YOU are supported!

As an educator, you face many unique financial issues: low income, large student loans, retirement pension planning, continuing education/licensure requirements, navigating pay scales, and summer work. Learning how to focus limited dollars in your budget can not only get you out of debt faster, but also make you feel like you got a raise! I want to help rid teachers of the fear, frustration, and stress that personal finances can bring. I also want to help young people avoid the traps that I fell into and take a better path…changing their family tree forever.

With an extensive background in education and accounting, as well as training from Coach Connections, Financial Coach Academy, and Dave Ramsey’s Financial Coach Master Training, I am ready to guide you on a path to financial fitness. Let’s talk! I’d love to hear about your dreams, and show you how to get there.

The Financial Fitness Experience

“In just 2 hours, I felt completely empowered and motivated to make big changes in our financial habits. Storm is a great coach and I’m so glad we have him in our corner. Dealing with finances used to stress me out and every purchase had a bit of anxiety attached. Now, I feel like we have a path, a goal, and I know we’ll attain it.”

Abbey H.

“Storm came to the meeting very prepared and instantly made my wife and I feel very comfortable. He was very easy to talk to and we left the meeting feeling very enthusiastic about the plan. We feel like we finally have a way to financial freedom.”

Kyle K.

“The Discovery Session is a great introduction to Storm’s approach to financial coaching. He lays out the plan and walks you through how to begin enacting it. The cost associate with the Discovery Session will be paid back quickly through his coaching.”

Shane B.

“You made my husband and I feel comfortable talking about money. We feel as though we can trust this process and you. I truly feel as though you want to help us and you were positive and genuine with us the entire time. I feel like we can tackle our finances in a way that WE are in control and have hope that we will not always be constrained by our finances.”

Rebecca R.

“I feel less overwhelmed and feel encouraged about executing a plan. This is something we just couldn’t do on our own. I feel optimistic now and I wasn’t before the session!”

Erin K.

“I tried [financial coaching] several years ago with another coach and was not impressed. I felt like you really listened and were realistic about goals and expenses. I felt like I wasn’t the only one out there flailing around and came out of my session feeling positive about the future for the first time in a long time.”

Suzanne S.

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